Age is not a hindrance in life! The 99-year-old cardiologist shares the secret to great longevity and health

The famous cardiologist, Milo Mwangi, retired at the age of 70 although his body and heart were still very young and healthy. He has now retired 29 years and probably must have hated him by Social Insurance! Now he is 99 years old and still feels as if he's just 60.

Doctor Mwangi said His secret to longevity lies in blood vessels . If they are clean and healthy, you can live to be 120 years old, even more, and feel completely healthy. Cardiologists also confirmed this claim.

Our correspondent arranged an interview with Mr. Milo Mwangi to hear him explain the method of extending his life by cleaning the blood vessels.

- Mr. Mwangi, you said clean blood vessels are the basis for health. Could you tell me the reason?

- Very simple. Activities of organs and systems in the body depend on the quality of blood circulation. Blood circulation means supplying oxygen and nutrients to internal organs, collecting carbon dioxide and metabolic products. In our childhood, our teen years, our youth, we move more, our blood vessels are new, elastic, clean - our bodies receive maximum nutrients. As we age, we move less and blood vessels begin to become dirty. This is due to many factors, not only adverse factors (such as smoking, unhealthy eating, poor environment, sedentary lifestyle), but also due to nature (lipid deposition, processes). takes place in all organisms).

What does 'dirty' blood vessel mean? Imagine some pipes full of rust. What happened? The water pressure increases, and the water tastes so good. The same thing happens with blood vessels. When cholesterol or other substances build up on blood vessels, the pressure increases ( Impaired blood vessels are the main cause of hypertension! ), the blood contains impurities, the blood circulation is deranged. As a result, changes take place in all organs and systems of the body. Even skin is a system.

The body of the elderly. If you are careful and clean your blood vessels, you will have the opportunity to live for at least 20 years without pain in your organs or joint pain, and your body will work smoothly. In other words, cleaning the blood vessels can prolong life and health. This is not just theoretical. I have recommended this method to my patients and I practice it. All who listen to my advice live longer than their peers.

This is how the blood vessels gradually become dirty. If you're over 40 but have never cleaned your blood vessels, then your blood vessels are definitely full of impurities. This could affect your health or maybe the process has started.

- What types of conditions can make blood vessels 'dirty'?

- As I said, the whole body is affected. But first of all, organs and systems that directly connect to the blood circulation will be affected - the cardiovascular system.

Impurities from blood vessels may cause the appearance of the following diseases:

  • Atherosclerosis. Blood vessels no longer work smoothly: small blood vessels are completely blocked and the main blood vessels have high cholesterol.
  • Ischemic heart disease. This disease is caused by frequent anemia in coronary arteries, which is caused by impurities in the blood vessels.
  • Stroke. Anemia to the brain tissue causes nerve end points to stop working, leading to loss of function.
  • Hypertension. Impurities from blood vessels cause vascular narrowing and hypertension.
  • Varicose veins. They appear inside the body, not just on the legs (which is alarming for women). Hemorrhoids are the result of varicose veins.
  • Venous and arterial thrombosis. Deposition of impurities in the blood vessels forms thrombi and causes blood vessels to fail, which can cause a group of cells to die. If the thrombus is not aligned and enters the bloodstream, it is possible to block the blood vessels in the heart, which in 70% of cases will cause death of the patient.

These are photos that show the dangers of deposits from blood cells that cause health and shorten human lifespans.

A woman's heart dies of a cardiac arrest

53-year-old man suffered a stroke. Stroke EVERYTHING leads to disability, these patients need special care. The reason is due to a blood vessel blockage.

Varicose veins that many women suffer from are also the direct result of deposits in blood vessels.

This situation is spreading. Cardiovascular disease is 4 times more likely to cause death than other causes. Doctors are aware of this, they know it's necessary to clean the blood vessels, but for some reason, the medical industry overlooks this aspect. With high blood pressure, most doctors will prescribe medication to lower blood pressure. However, this is not a cure, but only a temporary effect. It is necessary to clean the blood vessels. This method has been practiced in the US and Europe by people over 35-40 for more than half a century. All patients there know about the need for cleaning blood vessels. I always wonder why our country does not apply this method.

- Are there any symptoms for us to recognize the presence of buildup in blood vessels?

- Yes of course. The main symptoms are:

  • Migraine headache
  • Memory decline
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Problems in sex
  • Vision and hearing disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Respiratory failure and angina
  • Pale foot skin
  • Pain in muscles and joints

Whether or not you have one of these symptoms, after 30 years of age, you need to clean your blood vessels at least once every 5 years. By the way, you will be healthy.

Blood vessels have the ability to accumulate impurities, especially in the elderly. To preserve, do not eat foods high in cholesterol because it will build up in the blood cells, and increase over time.

- Please tell us your secret to clean the blood vessels.

- The process of cleaning up blood cells previously took me several months. I find medicinal herbs at the market or order them online, after which I choose to drink. Now, I don't need to do this anymore, because my colleagues from the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases have created a good and cheap remedy to clean blood vessels - it's "Cardio Plus". This product helps regulate blood pressure and treat hypertension. This is a great remedy to help me achieve my goal of cleaning blood vessels.

If used regularly, "Cardio Plus" will clean even the most congested blood vessels in just 1-2 weeks.

This drug does not contain chemicals but only concentrated extracts from medicinal herbs that cleanse blood cells. This is why it is very beneficial for us.

Recently, many patients continue to ask me for advice on dialysis. I recommend them this product. It is very effective.

The website of the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases includes official statistics for clinical studies. About 2 thousand patients participated in the study, and all of them were treated with "Cardio Plus".

Results of the study:

  • Normalize arterial blood pressure after 1-2 days after taking the drug - 99% of cases
  • Stable heart rate after finishing treatment - 97% of cases
  • Completely clear cholesterol from blood vessels after treatment - 99% of patients
  • Increase the effectiveness of the treatment of chronic diseases - 99% of patients
  • Improve overall health - 100% of patients
  • No adverse reactions during treatment - 100% of patients

- How is "Cardio Plus" selling price and where can I buy it?

- You know, old people like me can't afford expensive medicines. I would not advise such medicine. "Cardio Plus" is not expensive.

It is the company's main drug for the treatment of arterial hypertension.

To maintain clean blood vessels, I recommend repeating the treatment every 1-2 years. Especially with older people. It will help you promote health and delay the signs of aging. Clean blood vessels are a guarantee of health.

- Thank you for disclosing this important information.

On the sidelines of the interview, Mr. Mwangi also confessed that he enjoys gardening and helping his children, even though they are retired. His wife also lived longevity, she was 99 years old. Both perform this method to clean the blood vessels. He believes that is what keeps them alive.

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